Thursday, November 8, 2007


Beirme isn't your every day run of the mill fairy, hell no! He's the beer fairy, the lucky fella who quenches our thirst for that bubbly brew we call Beer. Beirme has been around for some time now it's hard to really pin point when he came about, but legend says that he served some great people of the past such as G. Washington when he was crossing the Delaware even as far back as Moses. Just between you and I that wasn't water Moses was floating in... He even served the brave knights at the round table, the list goes on and on, but today he's here just for you. It only requires one little phrase that you must say and those magical words are "Beer Me". So when you see him tell I said hi and sorry for pink play doh, he'll know what you mean.


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Mukpuddy said...

I love beer too!!
The short is amazing dude, can't wait for more!!!