Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beerisode 2 "Beer Aid"

I thought I'd throw this out there before it goes to color. I kinda like the black/white look, but I was thinking of doing a full color pass then once the animation is done put a sepia filter over it in after effects. That way it'll give it a more atmospheric tone to it since it's taking place in the middle east. All the characters are fully rigged and ready for animation. I guesstimate it (animation) should be done in about two-three weeks. Throw back a couple of cold ones (rootbeer for you youngin's) and check back soon for more artwork.

1 comment:

Jeremiah Alcorn said...

Lookin' awesome man! I'm sure this episodes gonna kick major bootay just like the first one! Keep the Cali-dream alive for me dude! Later tater.